Saturday, July 20, 2013

Book: Hit the Road, Helen! by Kate McMullan

Hit the Road Helen! (Myth-O-Mania) by Kate McMullan. North Mankato, MN; Stone Arch Books, 2013. 240 pages.

Hades, ruler of the Underworld, tells the Greek Myth of Helen of Troy as it should be told - with no convenient cover-ups. It turns out that the myths that we know are actually incorrect as they had been altered by Zeus to cover up any embarrassing situations that painted him in a bad light. According to Hades, it was really Zeus' fault that the Trojan War started in the first place! The other Gods involved didn't help out much either, their interference just ended up causing the war to last longer.

Our story starts off with Zeus falling for Helen's mom, Leda, which results in her giving birth to two blue eggs, each with a set of twins. One set of twins looks like their father, Leda's husband King Tyndareus, while the other did not. Zeus continues to meddle in many ways that affect Helen's life, while Hades tries his hardest to stop his little brother from doing something stupid. Good luck, Hades! If only he could save the world from the comfort of his La-Z-God chair!!
Kate McMullan returns to get Myth-o-Mania series after a 10-year hiatus. This fractured tale, or classic, well-known tale that has had its characters, plot, setting, or point of view changed, is told from Hade's perspective, which adds a touch of humor to the story. McMullan has managed to add another amusing chapter-book to her popular series. The book does a good job introducing all of the key players and explaining the various parts of the legend in a way that was easy to follow. Hit the Road Helen! is a quick and fun read that will help children ignite a spark of interest in Greek Mythology.

If you'd like to try and write your own fractured tale, go and visit this website for ideas: