Friday, December 10, 2010

Website: (1996-2010). – Free online games, fun and entertaining sites. Retrieved December 9, 2010, from
Interest Level: Ages 12+ is a site that truly cures boredom. There is a section dedicated to online games. has many fun games to choose from, like "Sushi Cat the Honeymoon," which can be very addicting as you drop a round fur-ball of a kitty through various stages, all the while trying to eat as much sushi as you can to fill the cat's belly and make him fat. also offers many amusing videos to watch, some of which are made and uploaded by users; this feature gives teens an opportunity to share their own content with peers. There is also a section with hilarious images which users can enjoy and comment on, like one depicting a birthday card, with the greeting; "Thank goodness Facebook reminded me that it's your birthday." also has blogs to explore and join, links to fun sites, a humor section and a quiz section. With this site one should never achieve the boredom state, there is just too much to explore. 

Personal Thoughts: The site is easy to navigate and allows the user to turn the sound on/off. One of the downsides are the banner adds surrounding the site, some of which start playing automatically and need to be paused to make them stop. Tweens and any human experiencing a state of ennui will find this site a godsend. I would caution against letting some younger tweens access the site - otherwise, I would say that there's nothing truly bad here.

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