Friday, December 10, 2010

Video Game: Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme. (2004). El Segundo, CA: Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Interest Level: All Ages

Dance Dance Revolution has had many incarnations, all of which come with the hottest dance music titles. Songs included are from artists like 4 Strings, Pet Shop Boys, Darude, Captain Jack, Duran Duran, Junior Senior, Village People, BT, and others. The game boasts over 100 minutes of music. This version of the game was released for the Playstation2 platform; it requires two dance pads to play. Tweens and players of all ages can test their dancing skills alone or can challenge friends in the multiplayer modes. Observing players dance is also an amusing pastime, as some players can move their feet at the speed of light and others stumble through the game landing them a low rating. The game allows players to choose the level that they feel comfortable with and will not end up tripping when the arrows on the screen starts to move more quickly. DDR Extreme also includes the option to practice the moves in order to learn the patterns and be able to beat opponents. There is a workout mode, which can be used to exercise in single player mode; a good sweat can be worked up during a long cardio session that Dance Dance Revolution Extreme provides.

Personal Thoughts: I love DDR, and so do many tweens and teens. The music is always great and the fact that this game promotes exercise is a plus! This game provides hours of entertainment and exercise disguised as fun and challenging dance moves along to funky music.

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