Sunday, December 5, 2010

Movie: Prince of Persia

Newell, M. (Director). (2010). Prince of Persia: The sands of time. [Motion Picture]. United States: Walt Disney Pictures. 

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Interest Level: Tweens, PG-13

Plot: Dastan, a young boy in the streets of Persia is adopted by the King and is raised with the royal family. When he is older, he and his foster brothers go to attack the sacred city of Alamut. Dastan is reluctant to go with brute force like his brothers and instead sneaks in, gaining the attention of Princess Tamina whose sole purpose is to guard the sacred Sands of Time. Dastan ends up with the Dagger of Time, allowing him to go back a few minutes in time. Things are not what they seem, Dastan's father is murdered and he is blamed, forcing him to run. Along with Princess Tamina, Dastan encounters many foes as he works to set things right.

Personal Thoughts: The movie is full of action but the plot is rather abrupt, not allowing enough time for things to sink in. Many actions seem predictable and the romance between Dastan and Tamina seems like an afterthought the studio shoved into the film.

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