Friday, December 10, 2010

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii. (2008). Nintendo.

Interest Level: All Ages

Mario Kart is back yet again, this game does not get old and is a family favorite. Join Mario and all of his friends Luigi, Peach, Yoshi and Toad and his enemies, Wario, Bowser and Donkey Kong in a race to the finish. The Wii version of this game offers the use of the Wii Wheel, which takes some getting used to for some players, and gives the feel of a real race. There is also the option to plug in Game Cube controllers or just use the Wii controller and nunchuck. Teens will enjoy battling friends and shooting out turtle shells and banana peels in order to slow down opponents. Classic stages like Mario Raceway and Shy Guy Beach appear alongside new stages; fun music accompanies each stage. There is the opportunity to impress friends with tricks and hidden shortcuts as well as choose a variety of vehicles on both four wheels and two. 

Personal Thoughts: Mario Kart provides hours of entertainment and challenges for players of all levels; up to four players can play and another four are added by the computer creating a mad dash for the podium. The opportunity to challenge friends does not end as tweens and teens can battle in stadiums or on the track and improve their race stats, as they get better.This game is fun and quirky, it easily will pull you in. I looove playing this game and sending out red shells as I speed to the front of the pack as Yoshi!

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