Monday, December 13, 2010

漫画 MANGA: Chi's Sweet Home

Konami, K. (2010). Chi's Sweet Home (Vol. 2, Ed Chavez, Trans.). New York, NY: Vertical, Inc. (Originally published in 2005)

Plot: Chi is again the center of attention… she steals Youhei's pancake… attacks the toys in bathtub despite hating the water... Chi and Youhei are getting along fabulously – they're very similar – both like to eat, sleep, play and both hog the bed. When it comes to sharing though… well, let's just say that once Chi declares something as hers, well, that she doesn’t like giving it up. Chi enjoys getting her way. Then there's the big black cat hanging around the neighborhood… will he cause trouble for Chi and her family?

Genre: Comedy 

Reading/Interest Level: All Ages

Personal Thoughts: I just read the second volume and I thought it was very funny. Chi is still very cute. I really like how Kanata Konami has captured the essence of "cat." All of Chi's antics really resemble normal kitty adventures and mishaps. The individual stories create can be read all at once or one at a time, allowing the reader to decide how much they want to read.

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