Sunday, December 5, 2010

Graphic Novel: Bart Simpson: Son of Homer

Groening, M. (2009). Bart Simpson: Son of Homer. New York, NY: HarperCollins.

Genre: Humor

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 12+

Plot: In this collection of Bart Simpson comics, readers can enjoy hanging out with Bart while he causes grief for denizens of Springfield. Join Bart as he fights crime with Chief Wiggum, makes crazy announcements over the school P.A., starts his own radio show, or creates a Bart clone. These comics filled with the yellow family from television will provide endless amusement for fans; one can never go wrong with a Simpson's adventure. Other characters from Springfield also get a shot at starring roles in addition to dealing with Bart's misadventures. 

Personal Thoughts: This collection of short comics featuring everyone's favorite delinquent will satisfy Simpson's fans as well as the reluctant reader. Breezing through this collection shouldn't be a problem for any teen; the humorous stunts Bart pulls will make anyone laugh.

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