Sunday, December 5, 2010

Book:: Spirit

Hightman, J.P. (2008). Spirit. New York, NY: HarperTeen.

Genre: Paranormal, Historical, Gothic

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 12+

Plot: Tess and Tobias Goodraven are the 1890s version of the Ghostbusters; together they work to communicate with spirits to get rid of the malevolent ones. The couple set of to Blackthorne, Massachusetts to learn more about where the witches ran to after they escaped the Salem Witch Trials. It is there where things begin to get spooky and deadly; the ghost of one of the escaped witches, Old Widow Malgore, begins to appear to stop people from learning any of Blackthorne's secrets. Will Tess and Tobias prevail against this frightening ghost?

Personal Thoughts: This book is engaging and right for any reader who appreciates a good ghost story. The characters are interesting and well developed; Tess and Tobias have you convinced they can fight any ghost. The book moves quickly and the plot twists will leave you guessing at what will happen next.

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