Monday, December 6, 2010

Book: Revolver

Sedgwick, M. (2009). Revolver. New York: Roaring Book Press

Genre: Historical, Mystery
Reading/Interest Level: Ages 12+
Plot: Sig lives with his family at the edge of the world, in the frozen, remote reaches of the Alaskan Arctic. Tragedy strikes when his father, a careful man, falls through the icy lake and freezes to death. Sig does not know what to make of what seems like a careless mistake on his father's part. The truth is revealed with the sudden appearance of an acquaintance of his father's who threatens Sig and his family and demands the gold that his father stole. Sig must find a way to save everyone and outsmart Wolff with his wits and his father's old revolver. 

Personal Thoughts: Marcus Sedgwick switches back and forth between the present where, in 1910, Sig faces off with Wolff and the past, in 1899, that reveals what brought the demon to the door. This atmospheric and chilling tale of survival shows the different sides of the human psyche -- from greed, hate and revenge to the importance of family, love and the will to live. This edge-of-your-seat book will make teens think about what they would do to survive and save their family when faced with a dangerous foe with only an old gun as defense.

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