Friday, December 10, 2010

Book: The Castle Corona

Creech, S. (2007). The castle Corona. New York, NY: HarperCollins

Genre:  Fantasy

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 9-12

Similar Titles: Ella Enchanted

Plot: The Castle Corona is a place where royals live… but these are not your ordinary royals. For one, the royals are a little spoiled. King Guido, Queen Gabriella, and their children Prince Gianni, Vito and Princes Fabrizia all keep wishing they were somewhere else. Nothing is good enough the way it is. The responsibilities of being noble weigh heavily on their minds. Then there are two children, Pia and her brother Enzio, who are poor and dream of a better life – like the ones royals have at Castle Corona. This is where things get turned around – a pouch is stolen from the castle – this sets off a series of events that lands the peasants Pia and Enzio in the castle as taste testers. Suspicious things are happening at Castle Corona and Pia and Enzio are right in the middle – is wanting what you don't have really worth the trouble that almost always shows up?

Personal Thoughts:  This was a good book. I like fairy tale like stories and this one was on par with Ella Enchanted. The one thing that was interesting was the lessons hidden in this book. The characters had their faults, making them more likable.
I also liked the illustrations by David Diaz, they complimented the story really well. I thought that since the book had a European feel, the illuminations only enhanced the story.

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