Sunday, December 5, 2010

Book: The Battle of the Sun

Winterson, J. (2009). The battle of the sun. New York, NY: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Humor

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 12+

Similar Titles: Tanglewreck
Plot: Set in London, in 1601, this book is filled with magic from the presence of mages to the existence of dragons. The evil Magus has plans to turn all of London into gold and he believes no one can stop him, until he reveals that he has ulterior motives and knows that his original plan will fail. Tag along with Jack Snap, the Radiant Boy, as he is pulled into the magical world and has to fight the Magus. Along the way, many beings reveal themselves to Jack, including a dragon named Cinnabar Egg and a creature that has been split into two very different beings.

Personal Thoughts: Readers won't realize that this book is actually the sequel to Tanglewreck due to the character from that book remaining out of the story until about midway. The villains in this book will make you quake in your boots at their evilness, and the heroes will make you cheer. This book is an enjoyable read for fantasy fans and draws you in.

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