Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Web Comic: Copper

Kibuishi, K. (2002-2007). Copper. Retrieved from http://www.boltcity.com/copper/

Genre: Humor, Adventure

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 9-12

Similar Titles: Amulet

Plot: Copper and his dog Fred live in Bolt City (also Kazu Kibushi's website). Copper and Fred go on many adventures, like when they go fishing. Fred insists that the lake is broken when he isn't able to catch anything. Another amusing tale is when Fred insists that he will keep the bunny he found in the park, well Copper thinks that the bunny has a family… The two also discuss shopping strategies – how it is important to know exactly what you want when you go into a store and not get fooled into purchasing something else. Each of the comics featuring Fred and Copper are funny, read the book or go to the website!

Personal Thoughts: This web comic is also available in print format. I found it nice to be able to preview the panel comics online. I liked the fact that these can be read at your own speed and that you don't need to read them in a certain order. The comic itself is funny and I love the colorful artwork.

Also - you can go to the website and see the process of how this comic is made - from the pencil sketches, to inking to coloring.  - http://www.boltcity.com/workshop/copper_tutorial/index.html  - maybe you want to try making your own comic? See how it's done!

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