Friday, November 19, 2010

TV Series: iCarly – iStart a Fan War (Season 4 ep. 6)

Schneider, D. (Writer), & Hoefer, S. (Director). (2010). iStart a fan war [Television series episode]. In Schneider, D. (Producer), iCarly. United States: Nickelodeon.

Plot: In this hour long episode, Carly, Sam, and Freddie get to attend their first Webicon (Web Convention) with Carly's brother, Spencer in attendance. Carly and Sam are super excited at the chance to attend this year (last year Gibby kidnapped them and locked them in the basement, preventing them from going). Carly also faces the potential relationship that begins to bloom between her and Adam, but has to put it off to go to Webicon. Spencer seems resigned to going until he learns that World of Warlords fans will have a STOOM (costume) contest and he means to win. 

During the Webicon panel, tensions arise, as there is an issue about who really is dating Freddie – Carly or Sam? Sam stirs things up claiming that Carly and Freddie are an item… causing Adam to doubt his chances with Carly.

At the Webicon is where they meet Aspartamay, played by comedian Jack Black. Spencer, cosplaying as Aruthor, says that Aruthor is the greatest warrior, but others (Jack Black) insist that Aspartamay is the best. Who will win the competition? It’s a showdown like no other!

Genre: Drama, Real Life, Comedy, Family

Interest Level: All Ages (G Rating)


Similar Titles: Hannah Montana,

Personal Thoughts: I happen to like iCarly, the show is goofy and yet there's always some sort of message that isn't done in a too over the top way that would turn away slightly older audiences. I like the friendship between Carly, Sam, and Freddie and the dynamics between them. This show is just right for a tween audience… and it isn't all that bad for those of us slightly older who need a little zaney humor every once in a while. For those, like me, who live in the Pacific Northwest, the little snippets of Seattle shown in episodes bring a taste of home. In this episode, a very brief snippet from the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle brought back memories of Sakura-Con, the NW biggest anime convention.


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