Monday, November 29, 2010

Movie: A Dog of Flanders

Brodie, K. (Director). (1999). A dog of Flanders. [DVD]. United States: Warner Bros.

Plot: A boy named Nello adopts a stray dog who becomes his best friend. The dog is a Bouvier de Flandre, and when Nello finds him, he is weak and beaten; Nello and his grandfather nurse him back to health. Nello is an artist; despite being so young, he is quite talented. Unfortunately, he loses an art competition that he'd hoped to win – for the money and for what it would mean for his standing in the community. Soon after, Nello is dealt a tragic blow with the death of his grandfather, leaving Nello a poor orphan. Then he is accused of starting a fire. Yet throughout all of this, Nello has his faithful dog at his side, all the way to the end.

Genre: Family, Drama, Animal Story

Interest Level: Older Children, Tweens (PG Rating)

Similar Titles: Shiloh, Where the Red Fern Grows (all of these, A Dog of Flanders included, are based on books)

Personal Thoughts: I thought this was a well-made movie. The story is a classic and a must see for tweens, teens and any animal lovers. There is a message of perseverance and the will to survive when all seems lost. The relationship between boy and dog is sweet… be ready to sniff into some tissues though…

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