Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Book: Northward to the Moon

Horvath, P. (2010). Northward to the moon. New York, NY: Random House

Genre:  Adventure, Family

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 11+

Similar Titles: My One Hundred Adventures, Savvy

Plot: Now thirteen-year-old Jane, is back in the sequel to My One Hundred Adventures. In this book, Jane and her siblings along with her mother and her new husband Ned have moved away from their Massachusetts house to Saskatchewan, Canada. Now another adventure begins as they go on a road trip to find out more about Ned's past. They end up visiting a Native American tribe and then going on an even longer road trip down to Nevada and eventually back to their Massachusetts home. During one part of their adventure, Jane is embarrassed when she overhears Ned ask the ranch hand she has a crush on to just take her riding because it is obvious that she has a crush on him. Jane comes to realize just exactly what she has been looking for when it comes to having adventures.

Personal Thoughts:  The book was an interesting read and goes into the different types of relationship kids have with adults. I think this book is good at showing some of the flaws that adults have and that kids really have no choice in how things turn out – they just need to remain positive. There is a moment where Jane develops a crush on a ranch hand at the horse ranch and overhears him being called "sex-on-a-stick," that may shock some, but overall, this is a book that will leave you thinking.

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