Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Book: My One Hundred Adventures

Horvath, P. (2008). My one hundred adventures. New York, NY: Random House

Genre:  Adventure

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 11+

Similar Titles: Olivia Kidney, Savvy

Awards:  Won Sheila A. Egoff Children's Prize (2009), Nominated for West Virginia Children's Book Award (2009)

Plot: Twelve-year-old Jane is the daughter of a Pulitzer winning poet mother. She lives with her mother and siblings in a coastal Massachusetts town. Jane longs for adventures, and during this summer vacation, she gets them. From a wild balloon ride being tricked by an grumpy lady, Jane's summer is looking to be anything but boring. There are also revelations about who Jane and her siblings' fathers may be, which can be both exciting and scary. Throughout the book, Jane learns many things about herself and learns how to deal with different types of adults.

Personal Thoughts: I thought this book was pretty complex and the characters were interesting. The types of situations that Jane gets into and the fact that there are adults that don't pay that much attention makes you wonder how kids will react. This is one of those books that would make children think about the different types of families out there and how they are still families. This book will leave readers thinking.
There are references to drinking and smoking by adults, gin is offered to a child, but fortunately, that child says no. There are references to abuse as well. Also, Jane's siblings all have different fathers and their mom doesn't tell them who they are. 

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