Monday, November 29, 2010

Book: How to Talk to Dads

Greven, A. (2009). How to talk to dads. New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers

Genre: Nonfiction, Advice, Relationships

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 9-12

Similar Titles: How to Talk to Moms, How to Talk to Girls

Plot: Ten year old Alec Greven is back to offer more advice, this time on communicating with Dads. Seven chapters include insight into the way Dads are, what Dads do and don't like, how Dads bug their kids, how kids bug their dads and others. Some advice offered by Alec is, "Dads really don't like the 'Mom lets us' trick. Say Dad gives you one scoop of ice cream and you tell him Mom lets you have two. Beware! If it is not true, you are asking for trouble. Also, many kids try asking Dad after Mom tells them no. This never works out well." (p. 29)

Personal Thoughts: This is the book to read when trying to figure out how to communicate with your dad. A lot of good advice is given that can be applied to any situation by sons and daughters of any age. Kei Acedera's illustrations add even more humor to the book making it an enjoyable read.

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