Monday, November 29, 2010

Book: Half Moon Investigations

Colfer, E. (2007). Half moon investigations. New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers

Genre: Adventure, Mystery

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 10+

Similar Titles: Artemis Fowl, Encyclopedia Brown

Award: Nominated for Young Reader's Choice Award in 2009 and the Maine Student Book Award in 2007

Plot: Fletcher Moon is different – he's short, earning him the nickname "Half Moon" and he's got a talent for sniffing out mysteries. He is a certified detective, the youngest one in the world, and has a detective's badge to make things official. Fletcher is soon put on a case by a classmate but things start happening that make Fletcher wonder what is going on – first his badge is stolen and then he gets framed for a crime he didn't commit! He has to team up with Red Sharkey, a member of the local criminal family. Is there any way for Fletcher to dig himself out of the hole he is in? And while he is digging himself out, can he manage to find the real criminal? 

Personal Thoughts: This book is an exciting read, the pages end up turning quickly as you get into the adventure that Fletcher ends up going on. The story is funny and the characters are unique. This book teaches that people aren't always what they appear to be. One thing to note is that Fletcher does get beat up in the story, so read at your own risk.

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