Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Kinney, J. (2007). Diary of a wimpy kid. New York, NY: Abrams

Genre:  Humor, Friendship

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 7-13

Similar Titles: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

Awards: Nominated for Quill Awards (2007), Won Original Voices Award (2007), Won Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award (2009), Won Garden State Children's Book Awards (2010)

Plot: It is widely known that girls keep diaries… but boys? Really? Well that's the case in this book… except it is a JOURNAL not a diary. Greg Heffley tells about his life, starting with the misery he faces as being the middle child. His younger brother's antics are labeled "cute" by his parents and yet when Greg does something wrong, he gets in trouble. Then there is his older brother, who picks on him – so not fun. Greg also tells about his adventures in middle school… things start out okay, after all, there is his friend Rowley to keep him company…but soon his friend is gaining popularity while Greg…well, let's just say that Greg realizes that he can tag along on his friend's coat tails… this is where things get a bit interesting… will their friendship be ruined?

Personal Thoughts: This was a funny book. Greg is just slightly clueless about how to stay out of trouble, making the book an amusing read. I thought that the book is good for beginner readers and older kids as well because of the pictures on the pages – it makes things fun and easy too. There aren't any bad words in the book – the worst would be "jerk." The book has also been made into a movie.

 An interesting thing to do - WIMP YOURSELF!! Go to the website below to create your own wimpy self. Here's me!

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