Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Book: Cosmic

Cottrell Boyce, F. (2010). Cosmic. New York, NY: Walden Pond Press

Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 9-12

Similar Titles: The Amber Spyglass

Plot: Twelve-year-old Liam is slightly different than the other kids his age… Liam is often mistaken for an adult – why? – well, Liam is really tall…and he has facial hair. In this book, Liam takes advantage of his adult-like looks and along with his friend, Florida, they walk right into places where children would need to be accompanied by an adult! (how cool is that?!) When Liam and Florida go somewhere, they look like father and daughter, allowing them to see all sorts of things they'd technically have to wait until they were old enough to see. Soon, Liam and Florida have an adventure of their own when the Drax Foundation gives him an invite to a space-themed amusement park (really a top secret rocket launch pad!!)  - the guy in charge, Dr. Drax, wants to build a space hotel and he needs Liam (whom he thinks is an adult) to be the chauffer of the rocket taking a bunch of kids to space. Well… let's just say things go wrong and the launch buttons are pushed in the wrong order (oops!)… so now Liam is stuck orbiting around the moon… will he and the kids with him ever get back to Earth?

Personal Thoughts: This was truly a great book. This adventure story is really fun to read – I mean, what kid wouldn't like to be able to "be an adult" to take advantage of all the things they wouldn't need to get permission for?! There are valuable lessons and humor scattered throughout this book that make it all the more interesting. Boys may like this book a little more than girls, but that doesn't mean an adventure-seeking girl wouldn't enjoy it.

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