Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Movie: Starstruck

Bieber, J. (Producer), & Grossman, M. (Director). (2010). Starstruck. [Extended Edition DVD]. United States: Walt Disney Studios.

Plot: Small town girl Jessica Olson goes to Hollywood with her family to visit her grandmother. Jessica just wants to avoid star watching while her sister has other ideas and wants to meet pop star Christopher Wilde. One night when her sister drags her to a club and tells her to stay in the car, Jessica has enough and decides to go to the club to tell her sister she is through with the ridiculous stalking adventure. On her way, she literally smacks into someone, that someone being Christopher Wilde. At once, Jessica shows her dislike of the heartthrob but fate just keeps throwing them together in Los Angeles. Will something come of these meetings? Or will Christopher deny his relationship with this small town nobody?

Genre: Drama, Romance, Music, Adventure

Interest Level: All Ages (G Rating)

Similar Titles: High School Musical

Personal Thoughts: This Disney Channel movie really surprised me – why? – it was actually good. I enjoyed this teen movie because it wasn't too over the top with ooey gooey teenage emotions. The bonus features are great for music fans who like singing along or watching music videos. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good story.

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