Tuesday, October 12, 2010

漫画 MANGA: Neko Ramen

Sonishi, K. (2010). Neko ramen (Vol. 1, Kristy Harmon, Trans.). Los Angeles, CA: TokyoPop, Inc. (Originally published in 2006)

Plot: Would you walk out of a restaurant if you saw that the chef was a cat? Tanaka-san was faced with such a situation when he walks into Neko Ramen, a ramen shop owned by Taisho…who just happens to be a cat. Tanaka-san ends up being a favored customer who remains with Taisho despite the cat's continued explorations into varieties of ramen and new recipes. Taisho has many ideas, some that succeed, and others that fail… miserably. Tanaka-san keeps coming back for more but whether that is to learn more about Taisho's past or to enjoy Taisho's ramen experiments - you will have to read to find out.

Genre: Comedy

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 12+

Similar Titles: Chi's Sweet Home

Personal Thoughts: This is a manga for cat lovers and foodies. The artwork is hilarious and the combination of long and short stories makes reading a breeze. I like the humor that Kenji Sonishi uses to tell the story of a ramen-making cat just trying to keep his business afloat. I think that this manga is a good read for animal lovers as well as fans of manga.

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