Tuesday, October 12, 2010

漫画 MANGA: Happy Happy Clover

Tatsuyama, S. (2009). Happy happy Clover  (Vol. 1, Kaori Inoue, Trans.). San Francisco, CA: Viz Media, LLC. (Originally published in 2006)

Plot: Clover is a bunny living in Crescent Forest along with other forest animals. These animals are not ordinary by any means because they can talk; Clover even goes to school! Clover's story begins with her making a new friend named Mallow, but her other bunny friends Shallot and Kale make fun of Mallow's looks, forcing Clover to stick up for her new pal. This friendly bunny and her friends go on many adventures while learning to share snacks and be brave in the face of danger. Join Clover and her friends while they stick together against a scary fox-monster or explore a haunted spring.

Genre: Comedy 

Reading/Interest Level: All Ages

Similar Titles: Chi's Sweet Home

Personal Thoughts: I thought that this manga was extremely cute. The characters will appeal to any girls wanting to get their share of fluffy animals for the day. The manga is published by an imprint of Viz called Viz Kids that is for the younger set of manga fans.

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