Tuesday, October 12, 2010

漫画 MANGA: Chi's Sweet Home

Konami, K. (2008). Chi's sweet home (Vol. 1, Ed Chavez., Trans.). New York, NY: Vertical, Inc. (Originally published in 2004)

Plot: A little kitten is separated from its mother and is found by a little boy and his mother. They take the kitten home to their "no pets allowed" apartment and find themselves trying to comfort the wayward kitten. The kitten on the other hand only wants its mother and continues looking for her. Soon though, the little boy named Yohei finds himself teaching the kitten where the potty is. Yohei keeps talking about going "chi" (pee) and repeats the word so much that the kitten ends up being named CHI. The parents can't help but decide to keep Chi around - though they need to work really hard at keeping the kitten a secret from nosy neighbors.

Genre: Comedy 

Reading/Interest Level: All Ages

Similar Titles: Neko Ramen

Personal Thoughts: This is a manga for cat lovers. The artwork is cute and all the pages are colored, adding more feeling to the story. Chi's adventures with her new family will make anyone laugh and those who have/have had cats will recognize many cat behaviors both amusing and destructive. This series is a must read for manga fans.

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