Tuesday, October 12, 2010

漫画 MANGA: Amazing_Agent LUNA

DeFilippis, N. & Weir, C. (2008). Amazing_Agent Luna (Omnibus 1, Shiei, Illus.). Los Angeles, CA: Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC.

Plot: Luna is a fifteen-year-old secret agent working for the US Government. While in France, Luna stumbles upon a secret meeting between nefarious villains, one being her arch nemesis Count Von Brucken, that leaves her warning her superiors of a possible evil plan. Soon Luna who was born in a lab and raised with military training finds herself in a scary situation – high school. Luna is enrolled in Nobel High and goes undercover along with her handlers who pose as her parents; their goal is to uncover Von Brucken's ties to Nobel High… and maybe have some fun like a normal teen! Can Luna continue to keep her identity secret while protecting the staff and students of Nobel High?

Genre: Drama, Adventure, High School Life 

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 10+

Similar Titles: xxxHolic, Tsubasa, DNAngel

Personal Thoughts: Though this manga was written in English it manages to feel like a true Japanese manga, though this could be due to the artwork by Shiei. The omnibus make look thick, but it is a quick read that leaves a reader waiting to see what happens to Luna and whether or not she can be a normal teenager or whether fitting in will be too hard for this spy-girl.

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