Thursday, September 16, 2010

Movie: Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Columbis, C. (Director). (2010). Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The lightning thief. [DVD]. United States: 20th Century Fox.

Plot: Percy Jackson thinks he has dyslexia because of his troubles reading, but a trip to the museum to see a Greek exhibit soon clears up the truth and reveals Percy's heritage. He also finds out blame has been cast upon him for the theft of Zeus' thunderbolt and that he has to learn to use his powers at the demigod camp where children of the gods learn to handle their gifts. Being a demigod is not easy, but along with his satyr friend and the daughter of Athena, Percy manages to track down the real culprit behind the theft of Zeus' thunderbolt.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Interest Level: Ages 10+ (PG Rating)

Similar Titles: Prince of Persia, Pirates of the Caribbean

Personal Thoughts: The story starts rather abruptly, and some scenes go by too quickly to allow the storyline to fully develop and sink into the viewer's mind. The action is fast paced and exciting; any teenage boy will enjoy the fight scenes.

Awards/Honors: This movie received two MTV Movie Award nominations for Best Fight and Best Breakout Star.

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