Thursday, September 16, 2010

Graphic Novel: Wonderland

Kovac, T., & Liew, S. (2008). Wonderland. New York, NY: Disney Press.

Plot: Wonderland is the setting for Lewis Carroll's story about a girl named Alice, but this isn't quite the same tale. In this book, Mary Ann, the White Rabbit's housemaid and who has obsessive cleaning tendencies, gets mistaken for Alice. This case of mistaken identity creates all sorts of havoc in Wonderland; the Queen wants to chop off everyone's heads, the Cheshire Cat wants to take over the kingdom, and all Mary Ann wants to do is clean up.

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Reading/Interest Level: Ages 9+

Personal Thoughts: There are many versions of Alice in Wonderland, but this one takes on an unexpected twist with an opportunity to look at what can happen in Wonderland without our favorite blond girl. The favorite characters from the story remain and have a chance to show what their personalities are like. Artwork by Sonny Liew gives a whimsical feel to this graphic novel while staying true to Disney images of Carroll's characters.

Awards/Honors: Each of the chapters in this volume were nominated for the Eisner Award.

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